Minecraft Character Customizer

My idea is Minecraft character customizer that lets you upload options of a skin for things. This is for my Portal 2 co-op bots bot customizer so that you can tick “I want ATLAS’ or ‘I want P-body’ and then say ‘I want the weighted companion cube flag’ and things like that in radio buttons/checkboxes.


Tool Bench

My Minecraft idea: a Tool Bench. With one spot to put a tool (axe, screwdriver*, hammer* etc.)(items with a * denote that they are not in the game), one spot to put the ‘tooled’ and possibly another spot to put another thing to be combined with the ‘tooled’ but not definitely. You could use this for heaps of things (I have thought up many I have forgotten) and could even be used for extended crafting with things combined then crafted.

10 things you can do when Windows XP won’t boot | TechRepublic

10 things you can do when Windows XP won’t boot. I found this and I am hoping it will fix my previously stated problem.

Portal 2 review COMING SOON!

Okay, I am going to do a Portal 2 review BUT I haven’t finished the game – my XP installation broke so I cannot play it (except on my terrible laptop which lags). I will bring a review out at some point though!

Portal 2

Portal 2, which I have preordered, is now up for preloading! My Twitter feed will have the latest critical updates on Portal 2’s preload stats on my computer. As of writing it is 59.2% complete.

Minecraft Beta!

Okay, I’m a couple of days late for this (and havent posted for months-I havent been able to tell you about minecraft but thats for another post) but Minecraft Beta is coming out on the 20th and I have already bought Minecraft so I will have a LOT of fun on the 20th… this means SUPER BLOCKY FUN!

LEGO Party Scene

I constucted a LEGO party scene using one three-storey LEGO house, a veranda, a table and more. Here are pictures and some explanations.

LEGO party 1

Full picture of the LEGO party. There is 15 people at the party (two hidden by the door).

LEGO party 2

The DJ and MC are on the third floor of the building, and on the second floor you can see a man in the window. There is a man on the veranda/balcony outside the second floor going for a look at the whole scene.

LEGO party 3

In this picture you can see three people eating their chips and drinking from their cups at the food table.

LEGO party 4

In this picture you can see a person on the second floor veranda walking over for a good look and one person standing under the veranda going over to the water feature.

LEGO party 5

This picture shows three men talking near a lighted multicolour water feature and someone fixing the speakers up.

If you would like instructions on any of the components of this simply leave a comment on what and I will try and post instructions.